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Skyview Reflections (Georgia)            

Glacial Gold x Marine Spirit                 born 27/11/12                   

Georgia was orphaned at 10 weeks of age after her mother passed away from severe colic, and raised by myself, her "sisters" and the other two mares with foals. as a team effort.  She is one of the pair of our 2013 buckskin "bookend" fillies.

Georgia has been sold 10 July 2013 as a 7 month old, to Grandview Sport Horses in SA as a future broodmare of beautiful coloured WB x performance horses.

Born 27/11/12, brown buckskin filly.  Georgia is of thoroughbred breeding, but is not able to be ASB / Thoroughbred registered.

Sired by Glacial Gold ASB out of Marine Spirit ASB (by Voodoo Rhythm). Currently 6 months of age, branded, weaned and rugged.

Lovely movement and temperament. Extensively handled, led, rugged, trimmed every 7 weeks, vaccinated, wormed.

Estimated mature height 15.3h, Dilutes Australia Buckskin and Ancillary registered. 

Fantastic performance prospect to show in hand and under saddle.

Pedigree can be found here

Skyview Reflections has the genotype Aa (brown) Ee CrN.

  • Registered with the Australian Stock Horse Society as B2

  • Non-stud book Thoroughbred (not able to be registered with the Australian Stud Book)

  • dual-registerable with Dilutes Australia as Buckskin and Ancillary





 Dam, Marine Spirit

Skyview Reflections' sire, Glacial Gold


If you are interested in a Skyview foal, or have fallen in love with one of our girls who is not currently on the market, we welcome your enquiry. 

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