Our Foals - 2014 Season

2014 Foaling Season

Skyview's aim is to produce 2 top quality foals every second year.

We had no foals due Spring 2014, as this is our "lay" year, and we are keeping to the "quality not quantity" philosophy.

In October / November 2014 we will be re-breeding Goldmine Latte-HSH (our National and State Champion Heritage Australian Stock Horse) for a palomino or buckskin Australian Stock Horse foal, and breeding Belcam Allure (our Elite ACE graded Warmblood young mare) to Goldmine Mirage-HSH for Allure's first foal, a guaranteed palomino Warmblood x Australian Stock Horse.

We're very much looking forward to our 2015 babies.

Foals bred to date:

  • Spring 2013 - one beautiful palomino Warmblood x Australian Stock Horse colt
    (Skyview Premier d'Or)

  • Spring 2012 - 3 fillies - 2 buckskin fillies (Skyview Eternity-HSH - retained), (Skyview Reflections - sold) and 1 brown Australian Stock Horse filly (Skyview Silver Moon - sold)
  • Spring 2011 - lay year

  • Spring 2010 - 1 chestnut Australian Stock Horse filly (Skyview Champagne Rose-HSH - retained)
    Spring 2010 was our first breeding year.