The Importance of Environment


To complement our breeding selection, we believe the right environment is critical when it comes to raising horses sound of bone, wind and mind.

As a result;

  • Our pasture is soil tested and remineralised every two years, to ensure correct balance of all the elements and minerals required.

  • All mares (including broodmares) and foals are rugged through the colder weather from the age of 6 months.

  • Foals are handled daily from birth and halter broken at 7 - 10 days through to 6 weeks of age.

  • All horses are fed traditionally (barley, lucerne, chaff, bran and all necessary vitamins and minerals) to ensure strong, healthy bones and good growth.    We use Kohnke's Cell Grow and Kohnke's Cell Provide for the adults and foals.  More information can be found at

  • We use herbs from Country Park Herbs to supplement in times of need and/or illness.  Carol at Country Park Herbs can be contacted at

  • All horses are vaccinated for Tetanus and Strangles

  • All horses (including foals) have their hooves trimmed every 7 weeks, from birth

  • All horses (including foals) are worm counted and wormed when necessary

  • All older horses have their teeth checked every 12 months, with teething young horses every 6 months

  • All horses are rotated through paddocks in small groups and as individuals, to prevent development of separation anxiety

  • We have made a stud decision not to keep horses that wind suck as we believe this behaviour can be learned.


While horses are never predictable or perfect, we like to think that every care has been taken, and any stock sold by us will have been raised in the best conditions possible.