Reference Sires

Reference Sires contains a selection of the stallions that are included in our mares and progeny's pedigree.

Bloodlines and stallions are chosen with the greatest of care, and matched to each mare with conformation, movement and temperament in mind, to compliment each other well.   

We hope you enjoy seeing and having some more information on the horses we have selected.

Claredale Champagne Charlie

(deceased 2002)

Desert Gold x Beauleigh Redwings) 


Sire of Goldmine Champagne Blush

15.2h Palomino Australian Stock Horse Stallion
registered ASH 24471, AJC, APHA
Date of Birth: 04 November 1972 - deceased 2002


Charlie's sire Desert Gold 

Charlie under sidesaddle with Gail Rossington. 

For those who follow palomino and Australian Stock Horse breeding in Australia, Claredale Champagne Charlie needs no introduction.  Charlie holds a special place in our hearts and our lines - please see the separate page on his background.  

Claredale Champagne Charlie's Achievements

Life Time Achievement Awards - Opal Award and Diamond Award

Certificate of Superior Rating – Australian Stock Horse Society

Brisbane Royal - Champion Stallion: 1976-1977-1979

Melbourne Royal - Champion Stallion: 1983-1986      Res. Champion Stallion: 1982-1984-1985

VIC Palomino Championships Supreme Led: 1982-1983-1984-1989

Supreme Ridden: 1982-1983-1984-1985-1986

High Point Horse of the Show: 1982-’83-’84-1985

Successfully competed in Dressage at Medium Level

Queensland Palomino Championships Supreme Led Exhibit: 1976-1977-1979

APHA Horse of the Year: 1985 & 1987

Multi Supreme Led & Ridden in Open Classes & Australian Stock Horse Classes



Goldmine Ashanti Gold

(retired from stud duties) 

Claredale Champagne Charlie x Nuandorah Calione


Sire of Goldmine Latte
Goldmine Eau Savage, Goldmine Suave 
and Goldmine Illusion.

16hh Palomino Australian Stock Horse Stallion
registrations:  ASH 100884, AJC (non-studbook), APHA 
Date of Birth:  6 November 1984


Goldmine Ashanti Gold's achievements:

APHA National Show Victoria and NSW-multi supreme led and ridden exhibit.

APHA - Horse of the Year

ASH - Victorian led Stallion of the Year

Melbourne Royal and Adelaide Royal-Multi supreme led and ridden palomino exhibit.

Melbourne Royal-Multi champion open ridden stallion.

Melbourne and Adelaide Royals-champion thoroughbred stallion.

Life time achievement award and diamond award obtained in two years.

To date, the most successful son of Claredale Champagne Charlie.

Sire of multi National and Royal Champions


Goldmine Suave

Goldmine Ashanti Gold ASH
x Continue (ASB - TB)


Sire of
Skyview Champagne Rose

16h Palomino Australian Stock Horse Stallion
registered: ASH 161925, APHA
Date of Birth:  6 December 2002



Goldmine Suave has been shown a limited number of times due to the Goldmine Stud's impending retirement.  As a young stallion (8yo in 2011) we look forward to his future progeny and success.

  • APHA National Show: Multi supreme Led Exhibit.

  • Melbourne Royal: Supreme Led Palomino Exhibit. 


Goldmine Mirage



Goldmine Classic Gold x
Goldmine Champagne Blush

16.2 / 16.3hh Cremello Australian Stock Horse Stallion
registered:  ASH , Dilutes Australia
Date of Birth:  5 November 2005



Mirage is the third outstanding foal from our foundation mare Goldmine Champagne Blush. 

He is very tall, with lovely movement, good conformation and that willingness to work that the Charlie line are famous for.

We have specifically chosen Mirage to cross with outstanding tall mares of complementary type and look forward to his future foals. 


 Glacial Gold (USA)


Sire of foal carried 2012 by
Marine Spirit

(below, Glacial Gold at 4 months)

15.3hh Cremello Australian Stud Book Thoroughbred Stallion
 ee CrCr aa
registered:  ASB 
USA0807458, ASH  B2-194514, Dilutes Australia

Date of Birth:  6 October 2002


Glacial Gold (below) as a 3yo, just out of Australian quarantine.

Glacial Gold is currently standing at Winning Colours Farm in New South Wales 


Goldmine Illusion

Goldmine Ashanti Gold x
Goldmine Silver Flight



Sire of
Coldstream Diamonds Are Forever 

15.3hh Cremello Australian Stock Horse Stallion
registered:  ASH 155287, ANSA & Dilutes Australia
Date of Birth:  6 October 2002


Goldmine Illusion currently stands at Memphis Park Stud in South Australia.

At his first SA show, the SA Dilute Championships 05/12/10, Illusion won Supreme Champion Dilute of Show in both the Affiliated and non-Affiliated Dilute rings.



Belcam Agassi 

Argentinus x Benaloo Rose (by Silveneer, Souvenir)

Sire of Belcam Allure 

By imported frozen semen from the legendary Hanoverian sire Argentinus, combined with the famous jumping line of Silveneer.


Agassi stands at 16.3hh.


Agassi was syndicated for the highest sum in this country yet.


16.3h Grey Australian Warmblood Stallion
registered ACE
Date of Birth: 13 January 1996


Agassi as a young stallion 

Agassi's sire Argentinus. 

(photo below)
The immortal Souvenir - arguably Australia's greatest sire of jumping and eventing horses 

(photo below)
Benaloo Rose, Agassi's dam 


Agassi's foal crop has shown absolute superior quality, showing size and conformation of the finest degree.

His first progeny offered for sale under saddle, fetched an average of over $16,000 at the 2002 Belcam Auction.

They all appear to inherit an amazing talent for jumping, along with excellent type and temperament.  

Belcam Agassi currently stands at Belcam Stud in Queensland.