Sold - 2013.                     

Skyview Reflections (Georgia)            

Georgia was orphaned at 10 weeks of age after her mother passed away from severe colic, and raised by us, her "sister foals" Tilly and Kitty, and the other two mares Blush and Cookie, as a Team Effort.

She is one of the pair of our 2012 / 2013 season "Brown Buckskin Bookend" fillies.

Photo below of Skyview Reflections (Georgia) on the left and Skyview Eternity-HSH (Tilly) on the right.  They were born 4 days apart.

The following is written Without Prejudice from our perspective as Georgia's breeders, and in an effort to find Georgia, if she is still alive.  We recognise there are two sides to every situation.

In a night of sadness in July 2013, we advertised Georgia for sale as a 6 month old and a horse breeder in SA sent the money through for her that night.  In the next 48 hours to week we appealed to the purchaser for the ability to cancel the contract, 
including a significant additional sum as compensation, however they would not accept this. 

We continued to raise Georgia for around 3 - 4 weeks until they were able to collect her, and when they arrived with their float to collect a weanling and travel her with no other horse to float with her, we helped load her, accompanied them to their property to ensure Georgia travelled well and arrived safely, and to help unload her.

In the coming weeks, we asked again if we could repurchase her.  The purchaser offered us a price at over 220% of what they'd purchased her for.  We asked for their bank account details to transfer the money.  The purchaser then refused to provide their account details.

Georgia is of thoroughbred breeding, but is not able to be ASB / Thoroughbred registered unless an increased stud fee is paid to the stallion owner at the time.  This was explained to the purchaser who purchased her at a lower cost due to this, and then the purchaser registered her with ACE claiming she was a fully registered stud book thoroughbred.  ACE are aware of this.

This by no means diminishes Georgia's breeding or worth, however we wanted to let anyone who is considering purchasing Georgia in future (if she is alive) that there may be issues with registering her foals with ACE or any warmblood society if there is a requirement that Georgia is a thorougbred stud book mare, unless the applicable additional ASB thoroughbred stud fee of $3,000 is paid to the lady who was the owner of Glacial Gold at the time she was bred.  She was bred and the service paid for as a registered B2 Australian Stock Horse, not as a Stud Book Thoroughbred. 
On October 18, 2016, as a 4yo mare, Georgia was advertised by the purchaser.  This was after Georgia had had a fence injury as a youngster that was serious enough that the purchaser told us some months after the injury, that the vet had said she would never be sound enough to be able to be ridden, but according to the purchaser, that was ok as she was only ever intended to be a broodmare.

The sale advertisement is below, advertising "Georgia could be raced", but she is not registered in the ASB Stud Book as a thoroughbred, and as ready to go under saddle, or ready to be bred.

In October 2016 when she was advertised for sale, we contacted the purchaser wanting to buy Georgia back, however the purchaser refused to disclose her breeding history to us, and as we had been told by them she could never be ridden due to the seriousness of her leg injury, it was important to us to understand what had happened with Georgia breeding-wise.  The purchaser had put on Facebook several months before that Georgia had lost one foal when she was bred a 3yo at >120 days pregnancy, but we were unsure at what stage of the pregnancy and if there was any indication of why the pregnancy had ended at such a late stage.

We were also keen to understand how many times the purchaser had attempted to breed Georgia in that current season between the commencement of their breeding season in August 2016 and her date of advertising on 18 October 2016.  The purchaser refused to disclose this until some months later, when we were told that they had attempted more than one breeding cycle between August and 18 October 2016, without success.  The purchaser would not tell us if Georgia conceived on any of these cycles and then lost the pregnanc/ies or if she had failed to conceive, or whether these were frozen or chilled semen attempts.

Then around 2 -3 weeks later after her advertisement, the purchaser told us Georgia was confirmed pregnant, and was off the market and they were keeping her. 

The week later we were contacted by a interstate breeding friend who advised the purchaser had called them a few days before to make chilled semen enquiries for Georgia to put her in foal this season, and that the stallion owner had refused to supply the purchaser semen from her stallion.  

The following week Georgia was put back on the market.

A few weeks later, the purchaser put on Facebook that Georgia had been sold to VIC and put a photo up of the horse transport truck leaving their stud on the way to VIC, supposedly with Georgia on it.

We have tried to find Georgia for 4 years now.  We wonder if she is still alive, and whether she actually went on that truck.

As Georgia's breeder and having raised her with our mares and foals as an orphan, it was a horrible experience we would not wish on anyone.  

If anyone knows where Our Georgia is we would love to know how she is.
Hopefully one day if she is alive, her new owner will Google her name and find this.
We still have her Australian Stock Horse registration papers.

Below is our original advertisement.

Thank you.


Glacial Gold x Marine Spirit                 born 27/11/12                   

Sired by Glacial Gold ASB out of Marine Spirit ASB (by Voodoo Rhythm). Currently 6 months of age, branded, weaned and rugged.

Lovely movement and temperament. Extensively handled, led, rugged, trimmed every 7 weeks, vaccinated, wormed.

Estimated mature height 15.3h, Dilutes Australia Buckskin and Ancillary registered. 

Fantastic performance prospect to show in hand and under saddle.

Pedigree can be found here

Skyview Reflections has the genotype Aa (brown) Ee CrN.

  • Registered with the Australian Stock Horse Society as B2

  • Non-stud book Thoroughbred (not able to be registered with the Australian Stud Book)

  • dual-registerable with Dilutes Australia as Buckskin and Ancillary





 Dam, Marine Spirit

Skyview Reflections' sire, Glacial Gold


If you are interested in a Skyview foal, or have fallen in love with one of our girls who is not currently on the market, we welcome your enquiry. 

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